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When it’s time to check your Education Board Result, you’ll find a centralized and official platform at your service: This portal is the official result-publishing website operated by the Education Boards of Bangladesh, designed to provide students Examinations Result. In Bangladesh, the education system is structured in a way that the board examinations serve as an important step in a student’s life. Whether you are awaiting your SSC Result or Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) results, the ministry of education announces the public Education Board Result on the official platform.

This article will provide you a complete guide about the education board result in Bangladesh. You will find everything you need —from what type results you can check to how you can check them with ease. We will go through the official result portal and the various methods available to check your results, including the popular SMS method.

Education Board Result of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the term ‘education board’ refers to the authoritative bodies responsible for conducting examinations and releasing results for various levels of education. There are several education boards in Bangladesh, each serving a specific geographical area or a particular educational need. The main responsibilities of these boards include setting examination papers, conducting exams, ensuring proper evaluation of answer scripts, and publishing results. Each board operates under the Ministry of Education. The most prominent boards include:

  1. Dhaka Education Board
  2. Chittagong Education Board
  3. Rajshahi Education Board
  4. Comilla Education Board
  5. Barisal Education Board
  6. Sylhet Education Board
  7. Jessore Education Board
  8. Dinajpur Education Board
  9. Mymensingh Education Board
  10. Madrasah Education Board
  11. Technical Education Board

Each of these boards is responsible for formulating syllabus, conducting exams, and publishing results for their respective SSC and HSC examinations. All Education Board Result is published on a centralized Result publication platform named and

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About is the official result-publishing website operated by the Ministry of Education to Published Secondary, Higher Secondary and Equivalent Examinations Result. The website is a one-stop solution for students looking to check their results for SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent and HSC/Alim/Equivalent. The Ministry of Education Official website has the ability to handle the high volume of traffic that occurs during result announcements.

Students can check their results by examination name, board name, their examination roll number and registration number. Alongside the basic result, the website often provides detailed marksheets number for individual subjects.

However, the process is straightforward to check SSC and HSC Exam result through the education board results platform operated by the Ministry of Education. Upon visiting the site, you will be prompted to select the type of examination and required information. After filling in the required information and passing the security check, your results will be displayed. The is the primary source for students to access their results.

How to Check the Education Board Result

Checking your education board results online is a straightforward process. You can just access your result securely and quickly from the comfort of your home via the official results website, Here’s how you can check your results online:

  1. Visit the Official Website to
  2. Select Your Examination Name (e.g. SSC, HSC)
  3. Pick Your Board Name (e.g., Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, etc.).
  4. Choose Your Exam Year (e.g. 2024)
  5. Enter Your Roll and Registration Numbers
  6. Complete the Security Check: You will be asked to solve a simple mathematical captcha.
  7. Submit and View Results: After clicking the ‘Submit’ button, your results will be displayed.
  8. Print/Download: You may have the option to print or download your results.

Checking your results online is not only suitable but also the fastest way, allowing you to get your GPA or marks as soon as they are released. It’s important to note that the website may experience high traffic volumes on the result day, so patience is key. If you face any issues, wait for a few minutes and try again.

How to Check the Education Board Result by SMS

For students without internet access or those who prefer an alternative to online portals, checking education board results via SMS is the most popular second option. This method allows you to receive your exam results directly on your mobile phone. You have to just send a message to the 16222 number using the prescribed SMS format. Here’s how you can send messages to check the result.

  • The general format for sending the SMS is: SSC [Space] First three letters of your board [space] roll number [space] exam year.
  • For example, if you are a student of the Dhaka board and your roll is 764646, your SMS would look like this: SSC DHA 764646 2024.
  • Send the message to the official number 16222.

After sending the SMS, you will receive a reply with your exam results, if the result is released by the Education Board. The result will include your grade or GPA. Please note that this service is not free of charge. There is a nominal fee for each SMS, which will be deducted from your mobile phone balance.

Download the Marksheet from Education Board

Once the education board results are published, students often want to download their marksheets. The Education Board’s Web-Based Result System is a platform that allows you to view and download your marksheet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading your marksheet:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Choose the examination type (SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent, HSC/Alim/Equivalent, or DIBS)
  3. Select the exam year
  4. Select the Name of your board
  5. Choose the Type of Result (Individual for Student Result)
  6. Enter your roll number and registration number
  7. Complete the security captcha if applicable
  8. Click on the “View Result” button to view your result

Please note that the availability of the marksheet for download may vary depending on the education board and the specific exam. Some boards may release the marksheets for download immediately, while other boards take time to release. Keep in mind that during peak times, such as right after results are declared, the server may be very busy, and you might experience delays in accessing or downloading your marksheet.

For instance, the Dhaka Education Board allows students to check results and download their marksheets by providing the necessary details a few times after the publication of the result. Boards like the Barisal Education Board publish marksheets on their official website instead of the centralized official website.

Education Board SSC Result 2024

The SSC exam is one of the most significant academic evaluations in Bangladesh. Taken after completing class ten, the SSC exam covers subjects relevant to your chosen study group—Science, Commerce, or Arts. The results of the SSC exam mark the end of your Secondary School Certificate Education and your eligibility for higher secondary education.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

Upon successfully passing the SSC, you will move on to the higher secondary level. You have to sit HSC Board Examinations at the end of Class 11 and 12. The HSC is a comprehensive assessment that tests your readiness for higher education. Universities and colleges often base their admission criteria on the scores obtained in this exam.

Madrasah and Technical Boards Result

In addition to the general education boards, the Madrasah Education Board specializes in Islamic education. The board conducts and publishes the results of Dakhil and Alim exams. These exams are equivalent to the SSC and HSC, respectively. Similarly, the Bangladesh Technical Education Board administers the SSC (Vocational) and HSC (Vocational) exams for students in the vocational stream. The results of these exams are published on the official results website,, ensuring that you have timely and easy access to your scores


Students in Bangladesh have multiple convenient options for checking their education board results. They can check their results online through the official Education Board website, via SMS, or by downloading their marksheets from the Web Based Result System. The platforms provide a range of information that caters to students, institutions, and educational authorities.

The ability to download marksheets and access detailed numbers for each subject also empowers students to take charge of their academic records. While the online systems are efficient and user-friendly, users may experience delays during peak times due to high traffic.

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