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Eboardresults.com is the centralized platform for all education board results in Bangladesh. Whether you have appeared for the SSC, HSC, or any equivalent examinations, this website is your gateway to check results quickly. If you are awaiting the result of the examinations, understanding the Web Based Result system is important. This official online platform ensures that you can get your results quickly and securely.

Bangladesh Education Board publishes public examination results within 60 days after the exams conclude. For instance, the SSC result 2024 for this year is scheduled to be published on May 12, 2024. This quick turnaround is part of the education board’s commitment to maintaining transparency and efficiency. Through this post, we will provide information on checking your results and downloading your mark sheet by various methods.

Web Based Result

The Web Based Result is an online platform that allows you to check and download your Educational Result. The Web Based Result system offers a unique advantage to results. You no longer need to visit your school or wait in line to receive your results. With a few clicks, your board result is displayed on your screen and can be downloaded from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, the Web Based Result platform provides a secure and reliable way to download your results.

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Checking your board examination results online has never been more straightforward. The Web Based Result system, specifically through eboardresults.com, offers a user-friendly interface to ensure that you can quickly find and view your results.

How to Check Web Based Result

Checking your results through the Web Based Result system is a straightforward process. To ensure that you can download the result fast, follow these steps on eboardresults.com:

  1. Visit the Official Website to eboardresults.com
  2. Select the type of examination (e.g., SSC/HSC/JSC)
  3. Select the Name of Board
  4. Choose Result Type: For personal results, select ‘Individual’.
  5. Enter Your roll number and registration number.
  6. Complete a captcha verification.
  7. After entering all the necessary information, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Your results will be displayed on the screen. You can review your Marksheet for each subject and your overall grade. By following these steps, you can confidently check your results as soon as they are published. This Web Based Result publication system website provides your results mark sheet for any education boards.

Web Based Result for Downloading Marksheet

Once the board result is published, the next step is to download a copy of your mark sheet after you’ve checked your GPA. The Web Based Result system not only provides your overall grades but also allows you to download a detailed mark sheet. Usually, the process of downloading the mark sheet is the same as checking your result. So, you can follow the same steps to get your SSC Result 2024 with a mark sheet. Here’s one thing, you have to input the Registration number to get your mark sheet number.

The Web Based Result system ensures that you have quick and easy access to this vital result mark sheet to check individual subjects’ marks. With your mark sheet downloaded, you can confidently move forward in your HSC admission process.

How to Check Institution Result

In addition to individual results, the Web Based Result system provides a feature for checking institutional results, which is particularly useful for educators and school administrators. Here’s a step-by-step guide to download institution results on eboardresults.com:

  1. Visit the official website of the Education Board in Bangladesh
  2. Choose the examination type (SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent, HSC/Alim/Equivalent, or DIBS)
  3. Select the exam year
  4. Select the Name of your board
  5. Choose Type of Result (Institution Result)
  6. Provide the institution’s EIIN code
  7. Complete the security captcha if applicable
  8. Click on the “View Result” button to view your result

How to Check Center Result

Center results are aggregated data reflecting the performance of students grouped by their examination centers. This information is useful for district or regional educational authorities to assess the overall effectiveness of exam centers. Here’s how to access center results using the Web Based Result system:

Alternative Methods to check SSC Result 2024

While the Web Based Result system is a primary source for checking SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results, there are alternative methods available for students to get their result. These methods are especially useful if the main website is experiencing high traffic or technical issues.

Education Board Result portal: Education Board of Bangladesh has another centralized Website to check public examination result for SSSC, HSC and Equivalent named www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. Simply you can visit the website and check result.

Education Board Official Websites: Each education board has its own official website where results can be published.

SMS Services: education boards offer an SMS service where students can send a message with their roll number to a designated number and receive their results via text message.

With these alternative methods, students have multiple ways to access their SSC results, ensuring that they can obtain their grades in a timely manner. Keep in mind that while alternative methods can be convenient, they may not always provide the full detailed marksheet that the Web Based Result system does.


The Web Based Result system provides a unique and user-friendly platform for students to check their examination results, including detailed marksheets. Throughout this article, we’ve explored the main method of checking results via eboardresults.com. We’ve also discussed alternative ways to ensure that every student has the opportunity to check their results fast. Whether you choose to check your results online, through SMS or via another official website, these systems are designed to offer result with ease.

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